Work experience

Operator Printing Techniques | Graphic Technician

Official job description:
Technical position geared towards setting up and coordinating a printing press geared towards printing preprinted and broad sheets in multiple colours.

The position involves various sub-aspects:

  • inspection
  • process management
  • quality management
  • registration

From time to time, a certain degree of shifting of focus is involved during my work. Attentiveness with regard to all aspects and phases of the production process is essential. A graphic technician regularly works under time pressure, while at the same time, the level of accuracy must be maintained.

Intaglio Printing Operator:

My work as an Intaglio Printing Operator are geared mainly towards setting up and coordinating a printing press consisting of four template cylinder and an Orlof combined cylinder.

Simultaneous Offset Operator:

As a Simultaneous Offset Printer Operator, I focus mainly on setting up and coordinating the simultaneous press, consisting of multiple printing units that are jointly coordinated.
The printing units, six or more combined wet/dry and perfect/backup, will be used to print broad sheets (blank, watermark or featuring foil and/or silkscreen) in six to 20 colours. The simultaneous offset technique is often used as rainbow printing as part of the banknote production.

Letterpress Number Printer Operator:

During my work as a letterpress number printer operator, the focus is on setting up and coordinating a letterpress consisting of two printing units and multiple numerators. They are jointly coordinated and are used for numbering banknotes on broadsheets in accordance with a provided number plan, as well as part of the banknote production. Each note must be given two identical numbers.

Team Leader

As Team Leader, I managed a group of printers in the three-shift operation, working under the leadership of the department manager. As Team Leader, I was the permanent contact in the event of problems/questions. Among other things, I ensured a smooth process for the production, as part of which, communication with other departments was one of the spearheads for achieving that goal.